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  • Swing Trading Chart Service
    $ 49 /mo
    Chart Room (Discord)
    Private Twitter Feed
    Chart Requests

  • Live Trading Room
    $ 98 /mo
    Full Access To Our Chatroom
    Real-Time Alerts
    Options Trading
    Pre-Market Watchlist
    Live Voice Trading
    Weekly Trade Talks Tues & Thurs
    Mid-Week Analysis
    Monthly Classes

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With An Edge

Contact our Edge team if you have any further questions.

Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts including entries, exits and stop losses. One of our lead traders is with you each step.

Premium Charts

Our charts will include support & resistance levels, Fibonacci levels, price targets, stop losses and other key indicators.

Results Based

Our trading room has a 70% win rate. We typically will take 4-7 trades per day depending on market conditions.

Pre-Market Watch List

Each morning, our members get a list of must watch stocks with their key levels to watch for.

Premium Education

Teaching you the very techniques and set ups we use in the live trading room.

1 on 1 Training

For our education subscribers, we offer 2 hours per month of 1 on 1 training, especially tailored to your trading style.



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Welcome to Our Trading Edge

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  • This group chat is amazing. Every response is so detailed. Amazing information. You can’t even get this information in a paid group. Keep up the good work. I will be following this group chat more now as i’ve become familiar with it. If this group becomes paid, then i am definitely joining it. Let’s keep grinding. Thank y’all so much.

  • This server has helped me learn so much! I am still learning and won’t stop! I don’t trade options yet but I think I’ll be ready soon :). Thank y’all for what y’all do to help me and everyone else. I’m excited for our future!

    David S.
  • Q: If you had to sum up your experience on this platform in 2-3 sentences, what would you say to a potential member looking to join? A: OTE is a family. The Top Traders want to see you succeed and are willing to go the extra step to get you there shown by mentorship and weekly educational classes. Over 3 different trading styles to follow, helping you build up your account while you learn!

    OTE Member
  • Q: Do you have any other comments, questions, concerns, or recommendations on how we can improve our service?

    A: Being here for only two weeks I am still learning about the traders and service but feel it is an absolute blessing that I found you guys when I did, I can not be more thankful for the dedication that you all show the members. All of you can be in your on rooms trading and not have to deal with the BS that can happen when your working with other traders. I hope to one day be in a position to help change peoples lives which you are all doing on a daily basis. Thank you.

    Founder Member
  • Not sure how I found this group but its been a game changer. Before I was trading on my own and had some painful loses. But now making money and learning a ton. Can't thank you guys enough!

  • Q: What aspect of our service are you most satisfied by?

    A: Really is a total package in my eyes. I have been part of at least 20 different groups and none have the service that you have.

    OTE Member
  • Q: What do you like about Our Trading Edge?

    A: Too many to list but I am a fan of the live trading and hearing thought process about current trades going on. there really is no other place that has the level of traders that you do. from the expert charting to the different trading strategies that you use. I have learned more in two weeks than I have in two years of trading.

    OTE Member