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Our focus is education, first and foremost. Our approach is the teach a man & woman to fish. The Premium Plan service is for the busy professional and the Elite Plan is for the active trader. 

/ Month

Discord Chat Room & Private Twitter
Real-time Alerts
Pre-market Watchlists
Chart Room & Trade Plans
Mid-week/Weekend Review videos

/ Month

Everything in Premium Plan PLUS
Live voice trading
2 Weekly Educational Sessions
Website access for archived videos/courses

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Why Trade With An Edge

Contact our Edge team if you have any further questions.

Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts including entries, exits and stop losses. One of our lead traders is with you each step.

Results Based

Our trading room has a 70% win rate. We typically will take 4-7 trades per day depending on market conditions.

Premium Education

Teaching you the very techniques and set ups we use in the live trading room.

Premium Charts

Our charts will include support & resistance levels, Fibonacci levels, price targets, stop losses and other key indicators.

Pre-Market Watch List

Each morning, our members get a list of must watch stocks with their key levels to watch for.

Weekly Training

We offer 2 hours of live classes each week, touching on a variety of topics related to the markets.

What Our Members Are Saying

I like the classes conducted by top traders. Noticed providing signals will be more accurate and good timing.
The communication between all the members helps others develop TA skills to improve as traders. I love the weekly trade talks and the end of day reviews.
I like the educational aspect. I have learned so much these past few months and it seems as though it continues to get better.
The top traders always give advice and guidance every day when live trading not only during the classes and that’s incredibly helpful. And the 1on1 mentoring is incredible.
I like having the different perspectives. I like the responsiveness, and the inclusiveness of the group and that anyone of all levels can be successful.
I love the organization and the continuous education, whether it be classes, trade ideas, or just live commentary.
I like how everyone is involved. From the training, the mentoring, the classes.
1. The "teaching a man how to fish" approach
2. The Community
3. The Value for my money
Everything. The classes/education is excellent, trade call outs are great for someone like me who has a lot to learn about trading, but currently has no other source of income.
The camaraderie, the classes, the squawk, mentoring...you name it. This is the best group I have been with, and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.
Price, information, knowledge and the willingness to help us be better traders. The platform is awesome and I have great confidence the future of the service will far exceed the greatness of today.
I have been a member of numerous other services before finding OTE. None of the other services taught me anything compared to OTE. I feel OTE is genuine in making their members much better traders and as a result much more successful. I love the live trading during the day - I have never felt more of a community before.
Live trade talks are invaluable for understanding how and why to execute a trade. Real time feedback and idea sharing are key characteristics of OTE
Recordings of classes are very important to someone like me whose schedule does not match the live session timing. Another is the sense of community - this is difficult to achieve and yet from the very beginning as a "newbie trader" I felt no question was basic and encouraged to post trade ideas.
It helps me to understand how to setup a trade and what an actual trader trades. I like the education very much as it is in-depth and practical. The voice channel during trading hours is great and it let beginner like me how a professional trader like you guys work.
Trade Quality, Mentoring, Mid-week review, Sunday zoom call for week ahead. PLUS, personal message from PUP, Justin .. It feels like someone is out there to help you if need it in the future.
Friendly environment, good trades, live callouts are great for learning by seeing what you see.
Morning plan by Pup, Nick and Printing profit with all strike price and exact contract name.
High quality charts and doing chart requests.
The trade set ups are great and have a great success rate. However, I enjoy most how all of the top traders want everyone to grow and learn and are willing to take the time to teach no matter how simple something might be.
The overall mentality of growing people as traders vs a trade recommendation service is what I like about OTE (give a person a fish vs teach someone to fish…something like that). Specifically, I like the classes, mentoring, and ease of access to communicate with top traders.
The whole site is a complete package. Starting with price ( I got in early) the value OTE offers there is nothing like it on out there that I know of. I was paying $150/month for other services that were nothing compared to OTE. Simply too much to list. For myself personally as a swing trader I very much appreciate the swing trade ideas and the several video reviews OTE offers per week. The availability of Pup, Nick and Printing to answer any questions is key.
My favorite parts are the trade ideas. Quality set-ups all the time. The vocal live trading is amazing also.
It's a great community and the teaching and suggestions are great.
Everything, admins are friendly and helpful. Members are respectful and helpful. I’ve been in a few groups. OTE delivers a high quality trade/learning experience in a tight knit community with a will to thrive. I feel like I found my home
Chart analysis with a clear plan on price trigger and stop loss and Trade Talks.
The calls and psychology, hope to add value in longer swings and fundamentals.
Great traders. Willing to share knowledge. Very transparent. Voice channel is the best thing I like. Hearing all you guys taking trades gives me a lot of confidence.
Active enthusiastic top traders giving good advice.
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